Pictures are blurry – While using Zoom

When a camera is zoomed in, it is more sensitive to motion.  For example, if you take a picture of a person standing still from 10 feet away not zoomed in, the motion sensitivity will not be much and slight motion might not affect the overall image.  This is because the (slight) motion proportionally to the image is not much.  However, if you zoom in to take a picture (for instance) of a person’s earring, because you are focusing on a very small area the slight motion proportionally to the image is much greater and you will visibly see the motion/shaking.  (test this by aiming the camera without zoom and then zoom in to see the motion difference)

The solution to this:

  • Get closer to the object if possible
  • Use Pre-focus
  • Use a tripod
  • Sometimes if the zoom is extended too fast (pressing the lever too fast), then the camera does not have time to focus.  Try zooming in slower or zoom out until the camera focuses correctly and then slowly zoom in.
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