Fast Action/Sports/Moving Objects

The main problem for taking pictures while subject is in motion is that the shutter takes some time to capture and process the image.  If the object is moving and the shutter speed is too slow, there will be action blurs. 

If you are indoors and trying to take a picture of an object that is moving, this type of photo is the hardest to take in photography.  This is because:

  • you are indoor and the lighting might not be sufficient, or 
  • the object is moving and faces the issues for moving objects

Try the first step and then move forward to the next step or steps if it’s not effective.

It is ok to combine steps – ie: Do #1 and #2 or #1,#2,#4,#5 and #6

  1. Change Mode Dial to SCN – Sports Mode
    • Turn the dial to SCN mode and choose Sport
  2. Do a FIRM press on the shutter button
    • There’s 3 ways to take a picture: Regular, where you press the button and the camera focuses and then take the picture on its on; Prefocus, where you set the focus frame on the subject and then depressing the button all the way down; Firm Pressing, where you press the button down firmly (one quick motion) and bypass the focus.
  3. Change Mode Dial to “S” and set Shutter Speed to (highest) 1/2000
    • While in S mode, press the Exposure Compensation Button (icon with “+/-“) and move the navigation to the left to the Shutter setting and change it to “1 /2000”
    • If the picture is too dark because of this, reduce the shutter setting
  4. Anticipate the shot:
    • A slight delay occurs between the time you press the shutter button and the time the camera actually records the image — so press the shutter button a moment before the action occurs,
  5. Use Pre-focus in advance:
    • Press the shutter button halfway to initiate the Pre-focus before you actually want to capture the image.
  6. Turn on the flash
    • Even if it’s daylight, turning on the flash sometimes causes the camera to select a higher shutter speed, thereby freezing action better.
  7. Turn off the instant review feature
    • When this feature is on, the camera probably won’t let you take another picture during the review period.
  8. Use a lower capture resolution
    • The lower the capture resolution, the smaller the image file, and the less time the camera needs to record the image to memory.
  9. Make sure that your camera batteries are fresh
    • Weak batteries can sometimes make your camera behave sluggishly.
  10. Keep the camera turned on
    • Most cameras take a few seconds to warm up after you turn them on.
  11. Use a tripod if possible
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